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10 Things You Should Never Say To The Person Cooking Your Food..


Let’s start this off with a bit of an explanation… I’ve been a professional Chef for over 6 years now (wow, I feel old haha).. I have cooked for a lot of people over the years and I developed a mental list of things that infuriate me..

Now, if you know me you know I have this power of seeming absolutely cool, calm, and collected when I cook. I can have 15 different dishes going at once, a kid screaming at my feet and a burn swelling on my hand yet still have a calm aura around me. It’s a gift 😉

What heats my blood when I’m in the kitchen you ask, well here goes!

10. It doesn’t look done..”
Well, that’s odd.. Because it is. I don’t recall you being next to me in culinary school, or now that I think about it I don’t recall seeing you cook ever so lets leave the logistics to me eh?

9. Are you sure you put enough seasoning?” 
Um.. I think I did.. I mean, I’ve made this dish only like hmm 200 times and all the other times it was great, so.. yea I think I put enough seasoning!

8. “I think it’s ready!”
Welp, I think I’m the one cooking not you! 😉 I know al dente is a “thing’ but raw pasta that you will break your teeth on is another story! Chill out.. good things come to those who wait, quietly wait.

7. Can we have something else instead?”
This is not Burger King, you can not “Have it your way”..

6. “How much longer will this take?”
A lot longer now that I have to stop and explain to you how long it’ll take.. How about I cook and you let me! Then it won’t take long at all! 🙂

5. “Could you not make so many dishes while you cook?”
Could you not breathe near me while I cook? Seriously, could I not make so many dishes? Sure.. I’ll just go cook outside in a cave so I don’t make a mess!

4. “Why are you throwing that out, what a waste of food!”
Because I wouldn’t even feed it to the dog, however you are irritating me so do you want to eat this moldy celery that you seem to have an attachment to??

3. That looks easy to do..”
By all means, you do it then.. I’ll go sit down and wait to be fed..

2.  I’m Hungry, can I taste something now?”
Yea.. sure.. if you want food poisoning, knock yourself out!

1. “I think you put too much seasoning..”
This goes hand in hand with telling me I didn’t put enough, but this just gets me even more upset! I think I know how much seasoning to put.. If you only knew how much salt goes into your food in a restaurant you would think twice about telling my my pinch is heavy!

& one for good luck!! : “It was better last time you made it”
Well hot damn.. fire up the DeLorean and go back to when it tasted better!

Well, I feel much better now getting that off my chest! 😉

Do these things get your knickers in a twist!?

What annoys you when you are trying to cook, I would love to know!! 

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