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Am I 25 or 105?!

So I just went to work out at the gym.. I impressed myself running 5 minutes straight! (yea yea it may not seem like that big a deal but for someone who couldn’t run a block last month it’s like a new car feeling for me)
I wanted to do some squats, keep what God and my pregnancy, gave me tight and plump.. I do 5 and boom! My knee starts to hurt.
Now let me give you a quick back story on my knee injury .. Trust me, you’ll laugh.

My grandmother took me on this AMAZING trip to Germany for my 21st.. She was born there so she took me to see her old house, where she used to hang out, all the amazing sights! I’ll blog about that trip soon! I have some great food pictures to share..

Any who.. When we got to one of the hotels it had this epic bathtub! Naturally I had to hop in.. Oma (grandmother in german, see I can even teach you other languages!) had these nice bath salts and oils for me.. Helped me relax and get rid of my leg/ back pains from all the walking around Hamburg… I relaxed so much that I forgot I stepped up into the bath, and when it was time to get out I busted my a**.

The bathroom was all white, marble.. G o r g e o u s but slippery. Bath oils + water + marble = me slipping and seeing jesus as I laid on the bathroom floor in the fetal position. (are you laughing yet? No? keep reading..) The best part was the entire wall which I fell in front of was glass so I got to see my facial expression as I went down. CLASSIC. It was a mix of the mask from the movie Scream and my face when I watch the end of Ghost (I cry like a baby, “ditto” gets me every time.)

The only thing worse than me busting my behind in a foreign country was the fact that my grandmother was in the next room and heard the sound of my body hit the marble and of course she was running in to check on me… and I was naked. So I  jumped up quick to grab a towel, not realizing my leg was jammed under the sink cabinet (why didn’t it touch the floor, why a space? w t f) Needless to say I messed my knee up pretty badly given I tried to get up and my leg did not follow.. I have a picture somewhere, I will post it when I find it.

Oma spent the entire rest of the trip making fun of me.. “I’m the old lady, I should fall out of the tub not you” hilarious.

So now here I am, almost 5 years later still getting pains.. I feel like I should have a life alert button! However I refuse to let it stop my weight loss journey! Just another bump in the road.. or should I say just another bump on the knee! 😉

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