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“Avocado Toast”, Three Ways..


It is a great source of natural fats and nutrients!

I wanted to have avocado toast with eggs for breakfast so I figured I would make it a few different ways to satisfy everyones diet/cravings! Nothing like a yummy breakfast that is full of protein to keep your belly happy until lunchtime 🙂



  1. Basic Avocado Toast:

Toast a slice of your favorite bread, mash up some avocado and spread it on top.. Cook an egg to your liking (mine is sunny side up, because yolk dripping over avocado and toast.. YUM)  then place that over the top and season with sea salt, black pepper and crushed red chili pepper.




2. Low Carb Avocado Toast:

Want some bread, but trying to keep it on the healthy side? Make your Avocado/Egg toast like this.. Use a glass or mug to cut a hole in the center of the bread. Save the inside for home made bread crumbs, or feed it to the birds 🙂 Next you place that into a greased frying pan over medium heat and crack your egg into the center. Cook the egg within the bread to your liking (Click here for a full tutorial on this egg bread) Remove and cover with avocado, and season with sea salt, black pepper, and red chili flake.


3. Gluten free/ No Carb Style:

Who needs bread? Are you gluten free or trying to no carb it? Maybe you’re just not in the mood for bread today.. I have you covered! Slice up an avocado, fan it out on to a plate (Click here for my easy avocado tutorial) Cook the egg(s) to your liking and put them over the avocado.. Season and enjoy!



There you have it!!

A nutritional, delicious and inexpensive breakfast/brunch dish..

Which way is your favorite?!


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