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Happy Valentines Day!! – My 6 Course Gift for the Stevens


First and foremost, Happy Valentines day to all of you.. I have a special place in my heart for everyone who reads my blog! 🙂

I came home to beautiful roses and a candle from Big Steven & a box of chocolates from Lepores. (If you are from Hoboken, you know they are AMAZING) That was a nice surprise!!

Every year I make a nice big meal for us, as I blogged about last week.. So I decided to share with you the meal I made for tonights special occasion..

Course #1 :

Mixed greens salad with carrots, cucumber, & a home-made strawberry vinaigrette.


Course #2 :

Sautéed shrimp and broccoli in a lemon garlic sauce.


Course #3 :

Scallops over a pomegranate glaze with sliced strawberries.


Course #4 :

FIlet mignon with a mushroom marsala gravy.


Course #5 :

New york strip steak with mashed sweet potatoes.


Course #6 :

Sliced strawberries with fat-free whipped cream and grated dark chocolate.


So what do you think!? All of this was done in under an hour.. Contrary to the amount of courses and different dishes, it wasn’t extremely difficult! The best part, it is all healthy! Broccoli, sweet potato.. shrimp and steak. Salad with a fruit vinaigrette.. & after a huge meal, you can not go wrong with some fruit and fat-free whipped cream!!

Are you interested in any of these recipes?

Drop a comment & let me know! I will feature some if they are requested 🙂

Have a Happy Valentines Day xo

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