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Look ma!!! Two hands… to type! An introduction to my blog..

Welcome to my Blog! Woohoo I have literally been dying to do this for years but have had so much going on I never did.. THAT CHANGES NOW! I may as well blog about whats going on, am I right?! Thank you for coming by, I hope you follow and look forward to my posts each day as much as I will look forward to posting them!!

So what is this girl going to be posting about you ask? Only normal to wonder.. Here is a preview of what is to come..

*Recipes : I am a professional chef, I write recipes for a living for Weight Watchers (caught your interest now, huh? Its ok.. you can admit it) I have also worked as a private chef, a caterer, and in restaurants.. I mean I must have picked up some skills in the last 7 years right?!

*Parental advice and/or venting : Because every mom and dad need somewhere to complain about their kids! Point. Blank. Period.

*Fitness updates, advice and motivation : Ever since I had my son, June 14th, 2012…  I have struggled with losing weight (and lets be honest here.. putting down the cupcakes and pizza) I began my journey recently to become the healthy woman I want to be and would like to document it here in hopes that it will inspire you all to take the initiative to do it as well!

*Some funny stuff : If you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t really have much of a filter.. I’m pretty goofy and fun! If all the rest of my bullet points bored you, you have issues.. haha I kid I kid… What I was going to say was.. If everything else I will be talking about doesn’t spark your curiosity or interests.. at least you know you are destined to smile 🙂

Lets face it.. we can all use an excuse to Smile nowadays!


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