Casey 2 Cook

It has been a great 1st year…

Today marks exactly one year since I started this blog!il_fullxfull.741515772_9ltb

I am so happy I decided to start, and so proud of how far I have come.

Hundreds of recipes, thousands of followers.. Countless moments of happiness when I receive messages from people and photos of their food.. the food they cook using my recipe. It is just such a humbling, heart warming, amazing feeling I can not even describe!


It literally makes my day when I hear a notification for a message on Facebook or a new follower on Instagram .. When I get “re-pinned” on Pinterest or “re-tweeted” on Twitter! I love having so many ways to connect to people and share my thoughts and my passion with you all!

On this day I will celebrate. Celebrate how far I have come and look forward to how far I want to take it in the next year! I have so many ideas I am eager to put into action… So many new recipes to share! I hope you are all ready!!

Today is my one year “Blogiversary” however, this feels more like a First Birthday to me! This blog, it’s like a baby for me. I need to nourish it with information, it needs attention and love.. So, Happy 1st Birthday Casey2Cook! I hope for many many many (many many) more! 

Thank you all for coming along with me on this journey, and for helping to make my dreams come true. I appreciate you xo



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  1. Joannie McLaughlin

    Congrats Casey !!???? ? LOVE IT !!!❤


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