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It’s time for a Casey Review : Still Rad Clothing

Big Stevens birthday is next week! (1/29 don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday lol) You’ll find out very quickly about me that I love gift giving and I often give gifts early because I can’t contain my excitement!!!

Steven loves The Walking Dead *insert zombie moan here* I was on Instagram the other day and I saw this AWESOME shirt on my news feed and just had to get it for him!! It said “The Walking Dad” how creative, right?!

Well, I was a bit worried it wouldn’t arrive on time and expressed my concern in my PayPal statement (btw PayPal = amazeballs if you don’t use it get on that)

The next morning I woke up to an invoice receipt.. “Happy birthday to your hubby” they sent it overnight for me!! Isn’t that amazing.. It came within days, and of course I could not wait so I gave it to him lol

He LOVES it! The material is super duper soft, it fits true to size, and the colors are vibrant and looked exactly like in the pictures on the website.. I’m so impressed and happy with my purchase.

I ordered myself a shirt the next day, can’t all be about Steven 😉

Thanks again Still Rad Clothing!

Follow them on Instagram @StillRad

Isn’t he cute! 😉

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