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It’s Time for A Casey Review : Sudsy Buggy

Sudsy Buggy

It’s that time of the week where I pick a favorite of mine to review and share with you! This week I chose Sudsy Buggy..

Sudsy Buggy is a local spa for your car seats and strollers, owned by a lovely woman named Anna! I know what you are thinking.. a SPA for my BABY GEAR?! How awesome is that!? Any parent or guardian know that strollers get pretty filthy.. from diaper blow ups to yogurt spills.. dirty shoes to that questionable funk on the wheels, gross! Most people bring their strollers into their homes after a day out.. dragging in all the nastiness in with them! Car seats, most of them do not have removable fabric to machine wash and spot cleaning can only help so much!!

This genius idea, thought up by Anna after the birth of her second daughter, is truly phenomenal! I took my stroller to Anna last year after my son had a huge blow up! Here was my testimonial to Anna after her services.. (which you can see on her website!)

“So today my son had a huge diaper blow up at the park! Poop everywhere, pants shirt jacket bundle me my stroller his sneakers.. Crazy! As I was cleaning him up after I raced home from the park I remembered seeing “sudsy buggy” written in chalk the other day by the park entrance.. So I googled and I called. Anna answered and I told her I was having a bad day and the diaper fiasco,how it was everywhere into stroller. She told me bring it right over! So I did.. I dropped it off, she even took the bundle me and clothes he had soiled and cleaned those for me too! How awesome?! She offered me a fresh loaner carriage but I had my sons push car with me, so I was fine.. She said it’ll be ready tomorrow and I can pick it up or she will deliver it to me! Amazing. I’m so relieved and so happy with how amazing she was and how helpful. She’s a mother herself so she’s seen it all, and she made me feel very comfortable. Just wanted to pass the word along to the moms on here. Not only does she use all “green” organic products, but she sanitized everything as well. I want to have my stroller cleaned at least twice a year so it’s clean and fresh! These strollers are so expensive, want to take good care of it! 🙂 Hope everyone looks into Anna’s services.. I’m truly happy with her!”

As a Mom who has used this service, I am 100% comfortable with sharing my experiences in hopes you all reach out for a baby gear cleaning!! The fact that she uses all “green” products, sanitized it and all.. So important to have your stroller sanitized every so often! Think of it as a Spring Cleaning for your baby gear! 😉

Thinking back now, the week before my sons diaper mishap, my father took him out for a walk and got him this huge chocolate cookie! That was also all over the place haha.. She literally made my stroller look brand new, wheels polished and all.. & for the price that strollers are nowadays, her pricing is totally reasonable!


After my stroller was finished, she delivered it to my door.. it looked brand new!

(pictured: the before and after!)

Check out the website for her price list and contact info!! Make an appointment today, you won’t regret it! If you do, let me know how you loved it! I would like to see your before and after pictures! 🙂 /

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