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My Goal to Drop 26lbs and Why..


I know what you are thinking.. Why 26 pounds? That is such a random amount.. Well!  I will be turning 26 on April 17th.. So I want to lose 26 pounds by my 26th birthday! (Now it makes sense, right 😉 )

Before I had my son I was 155lbs.. I was heavier now than when I was 9 months pregnant. I hit 215 pounds around the holidays and that was it, that was my breaking point. Nothing fit me, I was still in my maternity clothes.. Going anywhere was a struggle for me because I had nothing to wear and dreaded going to shop for clothes. I saw some pictures of myself from Christmas and NYE and I was so disgusted. Of course Big Steven says I am beautiful and my friends say I look great, and I love them for it, but I was unhappy. When I told people I was 215 pounds I usually got reactions like “NO WAY” “REALLY?!” “NO YOU ARE NOT!” I guess I wore the weight well.. that and I suck my stomach in like a pro! (I haven’t taken a full breath in two years haha)

I needed a change.. I needed to focus on myself and my body. I want to see my great-grandchildren someday, I need to live and be healthy and strong for my family and for myself.

Last year on my birthday I had a breakdown in the dressing room of a store in Hoboken I love, Dor L’ Dor .. I was trying to find an outfit and nothing looked good on me, I was so disappointed. Just as I was about to leave, determined to find something nice to wear,  I tried on one more shirt and I got stuck in it. That was one of the most depressing moments for me. I cried on the floor. Terrified that I would break the shirt, too ashamed and embarrassed to ask a stranger for help. I sobbed as silently as I could on the floor and finally got myself out of that entangled fabric. I remember just looking as myself in the mirror. Stretch marks, red marks from the shirt I was stuck in.. I didn’t know who I was looking at. It wasn’t me.. It couldn’t be me.. The HS swimmer, the girl on the dance team.. I was avoiding mirrors and wearing oversized clothes, I didn’t see until that moment how bad it was. I know it could always be worse, but for me in that moment.. I was miserable.

I went into a depression about my weight after that.. Again I avoided mirrors as much as I could, and I think I had a period of “Screw it I’m already fat, I will eat what I want” which of course made it worse..

Months went by and I struggled with my love for junk food and my wanting to lose weight.. I also struggled with finding time to go to the gym.. between working and being a mother of a toddler, when I finally did find time I much rather of shower or slept haha..

After seeing those horribly unflattering pictures of myself over the holidays, I wanted to start losing weight and this time I was serious. Big Steven found this contest on about changing your body… Basically you take before pictures and you have 3 months to work out and eat well to lose weight and gain muscle.. You take after pictures and they determine winners.. (prizes are money and workout supplements.. pretty cool) I took that as a sign I should start.. I don’t care about the contest per-say, but I think having a deadline is motivation. It started January 11th, right after my New Years resolution of no soda.. so I already had a jumpstart 🙂 & the contest ends the week before my birthday.

I realized that my pregnancy and my weight gain could be looked as in a positive light.. I now have the opportunity to shape and sculpt my body the way that I want it. I just had to take the first sneaker’d step and put in the work! 😉

So, I decided to set a personal goal for myself.. I want to say goodbye to 26 pounds when I say hello to my 26th year of life. I want to start the next 25 years off on a healthy foot!


When I started on January 11th I was 206lbs.. Every Sunday I take pictures and weigh myself. This past Sunday I was 195lbs! 11  pounds gone, but not forgotten! I refuse to spend my birthday this year the way I did last year, crying in a dressing room!!

Big Steven is really into fitness and eating healthy, and now working for weight watchers I make a lot of healthy dishes.. I always loved fruit, veggies, and salad.. but I loved junk food too. I think cutting out soda was huge for me.. helped me drop a lot of weight, and feel more energetic. Having Steven to eat healthy with everyday really helps me stay on track. There isn’t any junk food around to temp me.. The baby loves all foods so he doesn’t mind either!

Of course.. once in a while, you need to treat yourself!!

Everything in moderation 🙂

*I will be updating you here on my blog each sunday with my progress, and I will post before and after pictures on my birthday! Would everyone like to hear about my progress?! Let me know what you think!*


  1. Kathy

    Good Luck Casey, you can do this!!!

  2. Jody Repetti-Belcher

    Good luck!!!!


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