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Nothing worse than a Lid Lifter..

I have two rules in my kitchen…

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Rule Number 1: Don’t use my knives.
I did the work-study program for culinary school.. I worked 1600 hours in my school to earn the credits to pay for my tuition. It was great because I met all the chefs, learned a lot about produce and liquors, and I learned how to fix equipment. (not to mention I didn’t have to take a loan our for school which was my number one goal..) The day I finished I was so proud, it took me about 6 months to finish! When I started classes, I received my “Knife Roll” from Wusthof. It was so beautiful, I cried.. well I teared up, it was an amazing moment for me! Those knives symbolized everything I worked so hard for those last six months, they were my future.. I would use them in school, at events, in restaurants.. They were my tools. I’m very protective of my knives, as all Chefs are. So again I say, DO NOT TOUCH MY KNIVES. Use the ceramic set I purchased for that sole purpose.

Rule Number 2: Don’t Lift My Lids!!!
This brings us to the main subject of my blog. Nothing is worse than a lid lifter…We all know them, we know their M.O. we know what they’re up to! They slink around the kitchen and wait for their opportunity and as soon as you turn your back or go to the pantry for something you hear it… You hear the lid clink or the aluminum foil rustling. THEY LIFTED THE LID! Blasphemy. Being a chef, you use every aspect of cooking to your advantage. You time everything down to the second and you use all forms of physics to cook your meal. This includes steam. Steam is a very important element to cooking most things. You either need the steam to cook it correctly or you need absolutely no steam to make it the correct consistency. Rice for example, the cardinal rule of rice making.. Do Not Lift The Lid. It wont come out correctly.. It just won’t! Or when you want to let a sauce thicken, you want the lid off so the steam can release and you can reduce the liquid.

Last night I was making a small pot of brown rice for Big Steven and he lid lifted. He couldn’t understand my frustration until I had to adjust the rice twice and it took 15 minutes longer just to finish it as al dente mush. Being a perfectionist is just something that naturally comes with being a Chef.. Having plates thrown at you during dinner rush after an 11 hour shift because they aren’t plated correctly will do that to ya. The fact that my rice came out wrong because of his curiosity just twisted my knickers! Even though it wasnt for me and he said it tasted fine.. It was made BY me and FINE is just not acceptable!

I get it, you’re excited.. but good things come to those who wait! Am I right?! 😉

Do you know anyone who is a Lid Lifter?!

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  1. Barbara

    tantalizing smells greet you when you enter your house – and you just HAVE to know what your Chef is preparing for you 😉 – but you’re right – there are times that lid should not be lifted! Some of those “lid lifters”(who shall remain nameless!) don’t really know how important it is not to disturb the creation of something delicious! – Maybe a little magnet (saying DO NOT DISTURB) on top of the lid would help? – Keep up the good work, like you’ve been doing !


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