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Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

My life has been nothing but repeating lately.

Hearing my son repeat the same things 325 times a day.. “Mommie Mommie Mommie.. Its my boat! Its my boat! Its my boat! Its my boat! LOOK ITS MY BOAT”


Lord. I love my son, but this age is definitely a test. He is usually amazing, he will just talk to me normally or play alone with his toys using his imagination (which I love to watch!!).. But if I am not listening intently when he wants me to or I am trying to multitask (IE cook dinner) it’s like he turns into Rain Man…

Thirteen minutes to Judge Wapner and ‘The People’s Court.’
‘The People’s Court.’
‘The People’s Court.’
‘The People’s Court.’

I know he just wants my undivided attention, which he has for a majority of the day.. But I work from home during the day, I need to shower and eat.. It is physically impossible to listen to him 24/7

Maybe he will grow out of this soon..

I think this is what they call wishful thinking, or maybe it’s denial..

I also find myself repeating everything now..

“Mommie said no thank you, Steven Mommie said no thank you, STEVEN MOMMIE SAID NO THANK YOU!!”

Christ, I even annoy myself.

Parenthood is a test. A twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week, every month of the year, until you die.. TEST. It never ends. It is amazing and it has its rewards.. I would not trade it for anything in the world.. BUT everyone has their breaking points and their limits. I think I’m reaching mine..

I think I need a break haha A break, that’s funny.

Maybe I should just try to tune it out? Or give in and let him have dessert before he eats dinner so he stops whining? … Yea and maybe I should drill a hole in my knee too.

If I tune it out, it’ll never stop and I will feel like a bad mother for ignoring him. I do want to listen to everything he says, I want to remember every stage.. If you know me you know I am a “mama-razzi” I try to document every first, every cute thing he says and does.. but Mama needs a minute sometimes and I should try to not feel guilty of that! (Disclaimer: Mom Guilt is a real thing.)

Giving into him would be the worst thing to do.. Last night he didn’t want to eat dinner. I would never force him to eat, so I gave him a few chances and once we finished our dinner he still hadn’t eaten so I said ok and went to let him get up.. He goes “Dessert Please” .. UGH. NO. Absolutely no. You can’t have dinner but you can have chocolate, don’t think so!

Of course he throws a fit. I refuse to give into that, every time he wants desert first he will just cry and scream because he thinks that will get him what he wants. I explained to him (as best you can to a two-year old) Only people who eat their dinner can have dessert, dessert comes after dinner not before. After some whining he asked for his dinner, ate it all, and got his dessert. Said “thank you Mommie” and I got a big hug and chocolate lipped kiss.

So I guess putting up with a bit of whining to receive that outcome was worth it 🙂

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  1. Aash

    Omg! I am going thru literally the same thing…my daughter going on 3…but it’s like ‘if you sing wheels on the bus one more time’…lol… its good to know that I’m not alone…reading your post was like a sigh of relief that I’m not alone. At the same time I have an 8 month old who needs attention too…and I’m constantly feeling guilty that I’m not paying enough attention to my daughter…always cooking cleaning..changing diapers feeding….its a bit hectic, but once again it’s nice to know I’m not going crazy and there are other moms who are going through the same ‘mom guilt’…guess we just have to hang in there and let kids..toddlers….be toddlers…pretty sure we all went thru this stage…wonder how our moms dealt with it…. hang in there. Thank you once again! from one mommy to another!


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