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Ten TouchDown-Tips for your Superbowl Soiree!

The Superbowl is upon us again ladies and gents..

Personally, I only watch for the commercials.. but thats just me 😉

Let me be your guide to a list of touchdown type tips for your Superbowl Soiree!

(say THAT ten times fast, gosh)


I hope these tips help you out with your big day parrtay!


1. Tell yourself the arrival time for guests is an hour earlier than what you told them-

Odds are they will show up late anyway, but you always have those people that are early or on time! Give yourself an hour cushion to make sure you aren’t rushing at the end. If you want people there at 2, tell yourself people are arriving at 1! That way if you are done by 1 you have enough time to get ready and relax, and if you’re running a bit behind you won’t have a dozen people standing there asking what they can help with! The worst thing to have is your doorbell ringing when you’re arm deep in the food and still in your PJs, ammmiright!?




2. Mark peoples cups-

Whether you are using glasses or solo cups, make sure to mark everyones cup ASAP! You can use a special pens to write on glass or a sharpie to write on the Solo cup! Keep the marker around the drink table, or greet everyone with a glass that has their name when they come in! Reduce the clutter and the waste /dishes!


3. You can never have enough food-

People may not eat much at first, don’t fret.. Once they start drinking they will keep eating! Make sure you have enough food to go around. I like to make 7-10 bites of an appetizer per person and about a cup and a half of a dish per person for main dishes. Your guests may start out eating a lot and then there is a lull in appetite, I promise you they will eat more! I used to think maybe I made all this food for nothing, or they didn’t like it.. but its usually because people are enthralled in their conversations or the TV!



4. Keep the main dish low maintenance-

Just because you are a host does not mean you have to be slaving away in the kitchen the entire night! Make your apps and have them out for guests on arrival, and make something you can have cooking on the stove that does not need much attention.. Like my delicious Chili! You can also make my corn bread for a full meal! Both simple and neither need your full attention for a long period! You can put out a nice “Chili bar” tray of toppings and let your guests make their own!











5. Have guests bring the drinks and dessert-

When you guests ask you what they can bring, have them bring their favorite bottle of alcohol/chasers and/or something for dessert. That way you can focus on the food. Let the desserts and drinks come from the guests. Most of the time people want to contribute so they’ll ask or just bring something anyway!


6. Let people who offer to clean, CLEAN-

I am the same way.. “Oh no, I got it.. don’t worry you’re a guest” Forget that nonsense. If they are in your house, they are your friend.. Let them help. Do some dishes, help replenish the finger foods.. You’ve been planning for days, let someone else help! Put your pride aside and just say YES!

giphy (1)


7. Make sure you have some games planned-

Have some fun during the party.. you can make Superbowl word search, Superbowl bingo.. Have a pool where people people write their names in the squares and pay into the game and have a change to win! You can have a 50/50.. Hand out tickets and give out the money to the winning number! Buy little gag gifts for the game winners.. The first person to finish their bingo card gets a prize! You can give away cork screws, an inexpensive bottle of wine.. even give away free passes for the 50/50 if you’re going to do one! How fun right?! It doesn’t have to be all about the TV screen, nahh mean?! 



8. Play some music in the background-

Not everyone will be into the game. You should have some music playing as background noise for guests to jam to, and then you can turn it up to dance during commercials or in between plays. I mean really, it isn’t a party without tunes! Here is a fun post with some Superbowl party songs..



9. Have some props to play with-

Superbowl is easy to get props for.. Buy a bunch of those black under eye stickers, some blow up footballs.. You can make a couple of signs that say TOUCHDOWN or PENALTY to hold up for pictures.. get some “flags” to throw! Get balloons and streamers for each color of the Superbowl teams.. Maybe even some football helmets and pom-poms, go big with it.. You’ll be surprised how many people will get into it!


10. Choose foods that have minimal clean up-

Even though your friends will hopefully handle the clean-up (see tip #6) You should try too choose dishes that have minimal clean up involved. For example, buffalo wings are a staple at Superbowl parties, right?! Instead of wings, make my Bone Free Buffalo Wings! All the flavor of wings, none of the bones or sticky finger prints to clean off the sofa! It is a win-win situation!

giphy (2)


There you have it, a few tips and tricks (and recipes) for your big day party planning!

I will be posting a few more Superbowl party recipes over the next couple of days so stay tuned!

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I hope your party is a success, and your favorite team wins! 😉


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