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These Casey 2 Cook dishes will put the SUPER in your Super Bowl!

It is that time of the year again where the two best football teams meet and one will take home the trophy (and a year worth of bragging rights of course)

Not to mention the amazing commercials and halftime show.. Lady Gaga!? Yes please!

Last year I wrote up 10 Tips For A Touchdown of a Party! 

This year I am going to share with you some of my favorite dishes.. from start to finish for your menu! Check it out..

Appetizers, the holy grail of football.. it is basically all about the cheap bar finger foods!




These Sausage Pepper and Onion Rolls are the HIT of any party I bring the to! Not only can you make these bad boys a day or two in advance to make it even easier.. but one pound of sausage makes 3 dozen pieces!! All the fun of a nice crispy gooey Sausage Pepper and Onion sandwich without the mess!

Click here for the recipe  > Sausage Pepper and Onion Rolls <







Potato Skins for the win! Super easy to make them into footballs given mother nature making them basically a football shape already!

Check out my original post for step by step instructions and the full recipe!

> Football Potato Skins <








Stuffed Jalapeños? Don’t mind if I do! Last time I made these Big Steven ate basically the entire plate in one sitting.. So I would say they were a Slam Dunk!

(I am clearly running out of football analogies, my apologies) 

> My Stuffed Jalapeno < will definitely be a crowd pleaser!







Skip the frozen shrimp ring this year and make some home made fried coconut shrimp! The ring may be easier, but these will be something your guests will never forget!

> Fried Coconut Shrimp <








Take your pigs in a blanket to a whole new level!! Using kielbasa and puff pastry.. These can also be made a day or two ahead so its super easy for a hectic party day!

> Adult Pigs in a Blanket <





Lets talk about the main dishes baby.. the halftime show!




Nachos are usually a staple for me as an appetizer.. However I love nachos so much that I wanted to make them my entree! Check this simple and flavor packed mac and cheese. Take the two best things ever… nachos and mac and cheese! Click the link and make it.. Like this one is a MUST HAVE!

> Nacho Mac and Cheese <







Buffalo Wings are obviously heaven sent.. However truth be told, even though I LOVE them bone in traditional.. It can get messy! Especially when you have a bunch of people over! Dirty hands all over your couches, bones everywhere.. no bueno! These can be altered to be BBQ or teriyaki, even plain! Check out the step by step and choose your favorite sauce!

> Homemade Chicken Bites! <






Make a chili bar people! How fun and delicious?! Go a further step and make some hot dogs.. you can get a hot dog roller like at the ballgame on amazon for like 30 bucks! Let people decide if they want just chili or chili dogs! This is best next day so make it the day before and just heat it up slow next day for the game!

> The Best Chili recipe EVER <




As for dessert, keep it simple!

By that time everyone is either drunk or full anyway, am I right?!

Plus these are not only inexpensive but also super cute and easy and kid friendly!

Can NOT go wrong with these…

Check it out here > 3 Super Simple Superbowl Dessert Ideas! <

Well, That’s that everyone.. I hope you all try at least one of my dishes and if you do PLEASE send me photos! You can find me on Instagram @Casey2Cook where you can also hashtag your photos with #Casey2Cook .. or you can Like me on Facebook as Casey 2 Cook where you can post them on my wall! It makes my day to see your photos and to hear your reviews!

Kisses, hugs and all my love.. May the best team win! xo Casey

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