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Valentine’s Day is a Week Away..

The countdown begins! You have 1 week left to secure your date, make your reservations, do your shopping, get a babysitter, find an outfit.. Wow, I am tired just thinking about everything that has to be done! Maybe I can make it a bit easier for you… (& I think we all could use some ways to make life easier, right?!)


What if you don’t go out for Valentines Day dinner?! Did you just die of shock.. Well, resuscitate yourself and listen up!! Most restaurants raise the prices for v-day meals.. and you know for a fact flower and candy sales sky rocket, too! Why not celebrate the day after with gifts? You know you love each other, whats the difference of waiting a day for chocolate? Everything is usually marked down by 50% .. & as for dinner, make it yourself!! I will be posting recipes all week with fun and easy holiday-of-love inspired meals.. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and of course desserts!

Not confident you can pull it off? (With my help you totally can, I am always available for a consultation! But, if you are fighting yourself.. so be it!) Why not just order in and have a romantic evening in your own cozy place? No crowded restaurant, no couple who have been together for 8 minutes giving each other googly eyes and playing tonsil hockey in the next booth, no rude waiter who is mad they couldn’t have the day off. (because in the restaurant business, there are no holidays.. in case you didn’t know!)

There are also many sweet ways to show you care without spending any money at all! Write a poem, make the card yourself, do the dishes, take out the garbage without complaining.. Many many ways 😉

Every year for Valentines day I make big Steven and I a huge amazing meal.. I spend a pretty penny on high quality cut meats and seafood, but it is still significantly less than we would pay out at a fancy restaurant! Plus we don’t have to find a sitter, and we are home in our own space. We get the munchkin to bed, I break out some nice candles, put on the (electric) fireplace, some nice music.. It’s great! When we are done we are steps from our own bed, no commuting.. No hassles!

I urge you to think about it, and with my help all week.. You will be able to make an amazing meal with multiple courses of deliciousness that will really impress your significant other!

 Take the leap, put some faith in yourself & trust in Casey to help you with the details 😉

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  1. Laura Rieder

    That’s what we did last year! It was so easy, we will be doing it again!


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